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    Music Discussion Links: A-Z

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    Album Release Date Info

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    Daily Music Links


    New: delicious music delicious/forcedexposure Digg / Music / Upcoming My Music Links: delicious/djmartian/music start_music: A-Z start_music Links populair.eu/music Lists: Music Matrix: deep linking, deep tagging, social bookmarks, mp3 music blogs etc Record Labels: Updated: delicious/djmartian/labels

    Music Discussion: ILM Links: Tag: Music Discussion

    Music Discussion: Diverse/Eclectic: ILM Radio Mute Rate Your Music - General UK Based General/Rock: drownedinsound.com MOJO Message Boards Onetouchmusic Plan B Magazine Forum Rock-Sound.net UK Music Industry: Record of the Day - Messageboard US Based General/Rock: Hipinion Sound Opinions woxy.com Boards Rock Lists: Acclaimed Music Forum Ambient/ Berlin School of EM/ Space Music: Hypnos Forum Avant: Bagatellen Dubstep: Dubstep Forum Electronic: CO-µ-NICATE dirty.org forums Dissensus electrofreaks Type records : Chat We Are The Music Makers Forums Jazz: All About Jazz Bulletin Board Jazzcorner’s Speakeasy Jazzreview.com Jungle/ Drum N Bass: dogsonacid.com Metal: .: Metal Storm - Forum Ultimate Metal Forum Zero Tolerance Magazine Progressive Rock: Progressive Ears Progarchives.com Progressive Rock Forum Shoegaze: shoegaze forum

    BBC Music: BBC Music BBC Music Blog BBC Music Reviews BBC Music - Listen BBC Music -Programmes BBC Introducing BBC Radio Radio 1 Radio 2 Radio 3 1Xtra 6 Music

    Ambient Ambient Visions Star’s End
    Drum n Bass Drum&BassArena Knowledge Mag
    Electro / House / Techno Dancenova DJ Mag Hyponik Mixmag RA Resident Advisor TrusttheDJ Update Online XLR8R
    Electronic Igloo textura
    Experimental: Avant Music News Brainwashed Cyclic Defrost Freq Heathen Harvest Paris Transatlantic The Silent Ballet Sound and Music | We are sound The Squid’s Ear Terrascope Online The Wire
    Gothic: net goth org UK
    Industrial / Synth Pop: industrial.org musicfolio.com Release Music Magazine Side-Line
    Jazz: All About Jazz: News All About Jazz delicious/tag/jazz eJazzNews.com Jazz Review.com - news
    Metal: Antenna - Metal Magazine Apeshit Avantgarde-Metal.com Blabbermouth BW & BK Decibel Magazine MetalBite Metal Hammer Metal Storm thePRP.com Sonic Assault Terrorizer UltimateMetal.com
    Music Reviews - Metal Archaic-Magazine.com Chronicles of Chaos Metal Invader The Metal Observer MetalReview.com Metal Reviews Metal Storm - Reviews Tartarean Desire

    Canada Based Music Websites Cokemachineglow . IndieVille.com
    Ireland Nialler9 Music Blog State Magazine
    Other European Based Music Websites: Chain D.L.K. CloudsandClocks Cracked Cool Music Central KindaMuzik Gothtronic Musique Machine
    Scandinavian Music: It’s a trap! MIC Norway Nö MUSIC

    London Centric: Delta 9 Hyponik Prog rock and avant-garde gigs in London Promoters: Eat Your Own Ears Haywire ICA London Musicians Collective Lumin no.signal Sprawl London Weekly Listings: Flavorpill London Kultureflash

    UK Based Music Websites: AngryApe - Barcode - The Beat Surrender - Bearded Magazine - ClashMusic.com - CMU Daily - Crud Magazine - Dazed Digital - Music - Drowned in Sound - Dummy - FACT magazine: - GIGWISE.com - Guardian Music - The Guardian - Reviews - Guardian blog - music - The Independent | Music - Kerrang! - Kerrang! New Issue - ManchesterOnline - themilkfactory - MOJO - MusicOMH.Com - Music Tank - Music Week - No Ripcord - Plan B - Playlouder - Record of the Day - rock-a-rolla.com - Rock Sound - Sonomu - SoundsXP - Strangeglue - SUBBA CULTCHA - TLOBF.COM - This Is Fake DIY - The Times - Music - Uncut - Word Magazine - Xfm - Yahoo Music UK
    NME.COM NME.COM NME.COM - Magazine NME Magazine on Twitter NME.COM - Music News NME.COM Reviews NME.COM boards NME Blogs In The NME Office - NME.COM Out Of Nowhere - NME.COM NME.COM - Festivals Guide NME Festivals Blog - NME.COM NME New Music New Music Radar - NME.COM NMERadio In The Studio - NME.COM

    US Based Music Websites About.com - Alternative Music * Aversion.com * babysue * Billboard * Blastitude * brooklynvegan * Buzzgrinder * cmj.com | new music first * DecoyMusic.com * Delusions of Adequacy * Drawer B * Dusted * Evilsponge * Filter Magazine * Glide Magazine * Ink19 * In Music We Trust * Junkmedia * Lost at Sea * Magnet Magazine * Mammoth Press * MTV.com - News * MusicEmissions.com * Pitchfork * Pitchfork: Best New Music * PopMatters * Prefix * Punknews.org * Regen Magazine * RollingStone.com * scenepointblank * 75 or Less * Silent Uproar * Sonic Frontiers * Spin Magazine * Sputnikmusic * Stereogum: Music Blog * 30music.com * Tiny Mix Tapes * Under the Radar

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    00s Music Links


    00s Decade:
    More Best of Lists: 2000 Lists 2001 Lists 2002 Lists 2003 Lists 2004 Lists 2005 Lists 2006 Lists 2007 Lists 2008 Lists 2009 Lists
    My Lists on rateyourmusic.com: 2000 Albums 2001 Albums 2002 Albums 2003 Albums 2004 Albums 2005 Albums 2006 Albums 2007 Albums 2008 Albums 2009 Albums
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    Decade: Fast ‘n’ Bulbous - The Best New Artists of the 00s Metacritic Scaruffi - The 2000s Top 1000 Albums — 2000s on Rate Your Music Links: delicious/djmartian/m00s Charts: Albums by Year - Rate Your Music Fast ‘n’ Bulbous
    Portal: DJ Martian: Music of the 00s Portal

    2005 Music: 2005 Albums - DJ Martian RYM 2005 New RYM Top 1000 Albums 2005 a2005 b2005 m2005 rateyourmusic.com users 2005 Lists
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    2007 Music: 2007 Albums - DJ Martian RYM 2007 New RYM Top 1000 Albums 2007 a2007 b2007 m2007 r2007 rateyourmusic.com users 2007 Lists
    2008 Music: 2008 Albums - DJ Martian RYM 2008 New RYM Top 1000 Albums 2008 a2008 b2008 m2008 r2008 rateyourmusic.com users 2008 Lists
    2009 Music: 2009 Albums - DJ Martian RYM 2009 New RYM Top 1000 Albums 2009 a2009 b2009 m2009 r2009 rateyourmusic.com users 2009 Lists

    2006 Albums: 2006 Albums - DJ Martian 2006 Summer Albums 2006 Autumn Albums 2006 Music: a2006 b2006 m2006 r2006
    2007 Albums: 2007 Albums - DJ Martian 2007 Summer Albums 2007 Autumn Albums
    2007 Music RYM Top Albums 2007 RYM 2007 New rateyourmusic.com users 2007 Lists 2007 Album Reviews: a2007 Music 2007: b2007 m2007 Release Info 2007: r2007
    2008 Albums: 2008 Albums - DJ Martian 2008 Additions 2008 Spring Albums 2008 Summer Albums
    2008 Music RYM Top Albums 2008 RYM 2008 New rateyourmusic.com users 2008 Lists 2008 Album Reviews: a2008 Music 2008: b2008 m2008 Release Info 2008: r2008

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    UK Music Stores

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    Music Blogs

    Music Blogs: Updated 24/7  elbo.ws The Hype Machine Technorati: Music Technorati Blog Finder: music
    Music Blogs: Netvouz - djmartian Music Blogs - Tag Cloud
    Added to: delicious/djmartian/blogs+music

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    MonkeyFilter: MonkeyFilter | MONKEYFILTER MP3 BLOG LISTING: v.3.0 MP3 Blog Listing - MonkeyFilter Wiki Wiki: Music Blog Wiki


    This is an old archive of links that hasn’t been updated since the mid 00s. As I have switched from blo.gs to Bloglines and Google Reader to track blogs.

    Some Highlighted Blogs: [These are included in my blo.gs updates] A ACID BIRD *ADORU advance copy allrecordlabels An Idiot’s Guide to Dreaming AngryRobot Another Form of Relief arjanwrites the armchair novelist Athwart666 metal-news aurgasm A Vítima Respira? AVERSIONLINE.COM - THE MP3 BLOG aworks: new american classical music B basic_sounds The Battering Room BBC Radio 1 | OneMusic Blog | beat happening be.jazz Between thought and expression bigstereo The Big Ticket Blissblog Blog.MusicStrands.com boomnoise Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep brooklynvegan The Blogglebum Cage Build and Destroy News C Cerysmatic Factory Chromewaves The Church Of Me Circus Beckman Clap Clap Blog clik and lissen Click Opera [Momus] Close Your Eyes Computers & Music Coolfer.com D The Daily Growl danceblogga darkdose.com Dave’s Imaginary Sound Space THE DEATH JAM devil in the details dirt Dirrrty Pop DJ ZoZo DoCopenhagen doppelganger DREAMS OF HORSES Drumz of The South DUBSTEP ON KISS 100 Duke Listens! : Weblog DUMMY MAGAZINE E 86400 Seconds Electric_dreams ELECTRONIC MUSIC LINKS F Fail fangirl: mix tape madness farmer-glitch Faronheit Flaming Pablum: the Weblog of Alex in NYC Fluxblog for the eardrums For the ‘records’ Forward Ever freshwater jellyfish The Future of Music, Media & Entertainment G Good Hodgkins » Cleveland, OH » New ears are listening. gorilla vs. bear Green Pea-ness Robin Guthrie : Web Log Gutterbreakz H Hallmonitor hallucinations & antics He made their glowing colours Hermitage Music The Hit Parade Hotflush Recordings HubLog I I fell sideways laughing ijamming I’ll Be Old School Early INDUSTRIAL::MUSIC::LIBRARY Information Leafblower infoshare: In League With Paton ireallylovemusic I Rock Cleveland it’s all in your mind J Jazz & Blues Music Reviews Jazz & Conversation jazz plus funk not equals junk, you punk just for a day K Kid Shirt Killing Music With Bare Hands KINGBLIND: Music, Art & Entertainment k-punk L Largehearted boy Last Plane to Jakarta Lives and dramas of a long-distance milkman los amigos de durutti Lost Bands of the New Wave Era Lupatarkastaja M Machines Are Funky Magnetbox marathonpacks: keep on freeing in the rock world. Mars Needs Guitars MelodyNelson.com Metal Music Blog mick mercer’s Journal minimal robot Musica Generica Music (for robots) The Music Radar Music-versity Michaelangelo Matos Mixed Content MLOG Mocking Music Musical Perceptions Music Arcades Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good Music Is My Boyfriend Muzzle of Bees My Bird Performs My Old Kentucky Blog Mystery & Misery N nau pyrata Nerd Litter Net, Blogs and Rock’n’Roll NewFrontEars Stevie Nixed MkII No One Here Is Asking noise for toaster The Noise it Makes Northern Vantage - by E. Tindblikk No Rock & Roll Fun Nothing But Green Lights - UK mp3 blog NOX Blog by DJ ZoZo O Obscure Sound - Indie Music Blog Occam’s Razor Old Rottenhat One Louder Opus Weblog P parallax view Pastries, Pepper and Canals… Ewan Pearson. Enthusiasm… Percussive Piano: New Music Daily Perfect Sounds The Pill Box Pop Your Funk: Dressed In Yello; Says Hello Pop Musicology - The Scandinavians are coming! PostClassic Postapocalyptic Vanguard post-punk junk PRANCEHALL (not a Wasteman) prefixblog.com Productshop NYC R The Rambler Random types Raven Sings The Blues - Indie Rock News Media MP3s remote_ thoughts Renster rock the dub Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise Running the Voodoo Down The Runout Groove S Said the Gramophone sampled & sorted Sandow Seaworthy Southeast Thesaurus Spherical Objective S/FJ shards, fragments and totems Philip Sherburne Sid Smith’s Postcards From The Yellow Room Silence is a Rhythm Two Silent Words Speak Loudest SIXEYES S K A T T E R B R A I N Skykicking Sleeve Notes smallfish records Somedisco sonictroubadour Soviet Panda Spoilt Victorian Child Stereogum Strawberry Fire Stumblings in the dark Swoon// mp3 video discussion news// subeena The Suburbs Are Killing Us Sweeping The Nation Swen’s Weblog T 3hive 33/45 take your shoes off throughsilver in blog The Tofu Hut Torr Totally Fuzzy TUNETOURIST 20th Century Music U unarocks uncarved.org blog undomondo unpopular V Vis-a-Vis W wayne&wax the weblog of Lucas Gonze WFMU’s Beware of the Blog Whatever Happened 2 Bay B Kane? The Whole Wide World Of Fat Buddha! the wirewool Woebot Worlds of Possibility X Xenographix Y Yeti Don’t Dance Z Zoilus Not Updated in blo.gs: [Other] Basement Galaxy BBC Radio 1 | OneMusic Blog | Braquage electronicablog.com EVERGREEN DAZE Ground and Sky JahSonic’s Blog Kon-tent 1471 The Original Soundtrack Plan B Magazine - Frances May Morgan Plan B Magazine - Everett True’s Blog tomorrowJazz Unfinished voltage: electro culture Multiple Contributors: [These are included in my blo.gs updates] ArtsJournal.com - Music Bagatellen beepSNORT De Subjectivisten Deviated Septum Diskant donewaiting.com The Freelance Mentalists thegoldblog House Is A Feeling KEXP Blog Let’s kiss and make up… New Music reBlog Other Side of Life ::: POPJUSTICE ::: rockcritics daily rockcritics links Rocknerd Spizzazzz Static Beats T A P E testpress the turntable 2 Many Scenes weareie

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    Radio Links


    Radio Stations
    UK: Absolute Radio Kiss 100 NMERadio Resonance 104.4 FM Total Rock Xfm London 97.7 Xfm Manchester
    Ireland: Phantom 105.2, Dublin Power FM RTE 2FM Xfm 107.9
    Online Radio: Brainwashed Radio Gaialive Pig Radio Pirate TV.net Proton Pulse Radio Radio Magnetic Radioio SomaFM SUB FM Totally Radio 3WK [woxy] 97X
    US College/ Community Radio: KCRW KEXP Kuci 88.9FM Radio 1190 MPR: Radio Listening: The Current WFMU WHUS WXPN
    Specific Radio Shows: On the Wire RTQE Totallywired
    Music Listening: BetterPropaganda CultureDeluxe Epitonic gabba POD
    General Radio Links: Live365.com Radio in London radio-now co.uk Shoutcast UK Radio Magazine UK Radio Stations broadcasting on the Internet Warp Radio Radio News: radio-now.co.uk: news
    Xfm: Xfm Xfm On Air

    BBC Music
    BBC Music BBC Music News BBC Music Reviews BBC Music - Artist Profiles BBC Collective BBC Classic Pop/ Rock BBC Dance & Electronica Music BBC Jazz & Blues Music BBC Rock & Indie Music BBC World Music
    BBC Music: >Selection of Local Links BBC Bristol BBC Liverpool: Music BBC – London Music BBC Manchester: Music BBC Nottingham: Music BBC Oxford: Music BBC Music Scotland BBC South Yorkshire: Music BBC Stoke & Staffs: Music BBC Wales: Music
    BBC Music: What’s On TV /Radio: BBC Later BBC Music TV/Radio
    BBC Radio: BBC Radio BBC Music - Listen BBC - England - BBC English Regions Local Radio Stations BBC Radio Scotland BBC Radio Wales BBC Digital Radio BBC Radio London

    Radio 1: Radio 1 Radio 1 Playlist Radio 1 Schedule Radio 1 - Events Radio 1 Music News Radio 1 Dance Radio 1 - Experimental Radio 1 Rock/ Indie Shows/ Presenters: Rob da Bank Fabio & Grooverider Mary Ann Hobbs Ras Kwame Steve Lamacq Zane Lowe Annie Mac Annie Nightingale Gilles Peterson Huw Stephens Pete Tong Themed/ Specialist Shows: Essential Mix The Rock Show Remember: John Peel
    1Xtra: 1Xtra 1Xtra Schedule 1Xtra DJShows IXtra Playlist IXtra drumnbass Bailey Benji B Crissy Criss
    Radio 2: Radio 2 Playlist Schedule Documentaries Events Janice Long Radcliffe & Maconie
    Radio 3: Radio 3 Schedule Programmes Presenters Music: Radio 3: Classical Radio 3: Jazz Radio 3: New Music Radio 3: World Music Shows: Hear and Now Jazz on 3 Late Junction

    6 Music: 6 Music 6 Music - Music News 6 Music - Music News in Brief 6 Music - Playlist 6 Music - Schedule 6 Music - Events 6 Music - Shows Have Your Say 6 Music - Contact Us 6 Music - Press Office Weekdays: 6 Music - Album of the Day Lauren Laverne Nemone Steve Lamacq Marc Riley Gideon Coe Roundtable Tom Robinson Bruce Dickinson Rock Show Weekends: Liz Kershaw 6Mix Don Letts Tom Robinson’s Introducing The Music Week Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone Guy Garvey’s Finest Hour

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    Music Genre Links


    Contemporary Classical/ Modern Composition: BBC Classical BBC Radio 3 BMIC British Composers Index Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland Harmonia Mundi UK Hear and Now International Computer Music Association New Music Box NetNewMusic NewNote NMC Post-Classical rec.music.classical.contemporary Sequenza 21 SPNM

    Dance Music/ Club Culture: Cognition DanceNova DJ List DJ Mag earplug Hyperdub Klublife NAJM Progressive-Sounds UK-Dance

    Breakbeat/ Nu Skool Breaks: Nubreaks.com Nu Skool Breaks

    DrumnBass/Jungle: DogsonAcid Drum & Bass Arena Junglist.com Knowledge Mag Liquid Funk IXtra - DrumNBass Planetdnb Drum&Bass International Startpage

    Dubstep Blogs Blackdown deeptime Drumz of The South Dubster’s Laboratory Forensics Gutterbreakz kid kameleon lower end spasm Mashed Up Beats patternloader Shards, Fragments and Totems: Grievous Angel’s alternate reality of random scribbling Forums Dubstep Forum Dissensus - Dubstep Thread History BBC Collective - Sound of Dubstep wikipedia - Dubstep Labels Hotflush Recordings Hyperdub Tempa Net Radio & Mixes Bare Files Dubplate.Net Dubstep.fm www.gourmetbeats.com Mary Anne Hobbs Reload-Radio online DUBSTEP radio/stream - Home Rinse FM SUB FM Artists Digital Mystikz Hatcha Horsepower Productions kode9 Skream Search - Blogosphere Google Blog Search - Dubstep technorati - Dubstep Tags delicious - dubstep Tag Central - dubstep

    Electroclash/ Futurepop/ Modern Synthpop: Links @ LarryTee.com Ersatz Audio Gigolo Records Electroclash A Different Drum Jive 55 Synthpop for the Masses Synthpop.NET

    Electro Sounds - everybody grooving to the future robot beat: Crucial Electro ELECTRO-FUNK ROOTS HOMEPAGE Electrocuted Links Flightpath Estate Global Darkness Kraftwerk Psi49Net -Anthony Rother Rotters Golf Club 313ctr0

    Electronic Downtempo Grooves, Electro Jazz, Broken Beats, Trip Hop: Acid Jazz Server Beyond Jazz.net BigChill.net Downtempo.org electroambientdreampop Jazzadelica weblinks kozmigroov-index Straight No Chaser Triphop.hu Trip-Hop.net World of Trip Hop

    EM / Electronic Music/ Ambient/ Space Music: Ambience for the Masses The Ambient Review Ambient Visions Ambient Visions: News Ampersand etcetera Electric Music 411 Electroambient Space Electronic Music Foundation electronicshadows.com Epsilon Hypnagogue Wind and Wire Concerts: The Gatherings Discussion: Mailing Lists The Ambient Way Spacemusic Labels: AtmoWorks.com DiN Horizon Music Hypnos lotuspike Nepenthe Spotted Peccary Music Radio: Star’s End Online Retailers: Farfield Music Groove Unlimited Hypnos Store Steve Roach Mail Order Synth Music Direct

    Experimental Electronics/ IDM: Haunted Links Boomkat Electronic Music Links Cyclic Defrost disquiet Electroacoustic 11th Hour Technology Gridface Grooves Magazine Hyperreal Sonic Arts Network Tesselate Textura t h e . z z z o n e

    Hip Hop: Old School Hiphop Spinemagazine UKHH.com Underground Hip Hop

    House/ Tech-House/Techno: Deep House Network deepness Tech-House Techno Online

    Industrial / Darkwave/ EBM/ Goth: Cybase 23 Dark Culture Magazine Dark Links Deathrock Funprox Goth.net Hard Wired Heathen Harvest industrial.org Moving Hands net goth org UK Side Line Sordid Magazine StarVox This is Corrosion uk.people.gothic

    Jazz/ Improvised Music: All About Jazz All About Jazz: Articles Upcoming Jazz Release Center Mike Chadwick ContemporaryJazz.com EER Jazz Fusion European Free Improvisation Pages euro-improv Europe Jazz Network FreeJazz.org International Jazz Festivals Organization Jazzitude Jazz Journalists Association Jazzmatazz JazzNow Jazz Review.com Jazz Services Jazz Weekly.com JazzWorld NOjazz One Final Note Magazines: Down Beat Jazz Improv Jazziz Jazz Times Jazzwise Signal to Noise Radio: Jazz FM The Jazz House NPR Jazz WNUR 89.3 Reviews: All About Jazz: Reviews Bagatellen reviews BBC Music - Jazz the Improviser jazzmatazz: Reviews Jazz Online Jazz Review.com - CD Reviews Shops: Crazy Jazz IndieJazz.com Jazzcds Jazz Loft Jazz Links: Contemporary List of Jazz Links freeform.org : music links Jazz Links Jazzmatazz links Restructures

    Metal: [Extreme/ Dark Metal/ Metalcore etc] Key: Apeshit Archaic-Magazine.com Chronicles of Chaos Live 4 Metal Webzine Lords of Metal Maximum Metal Metal Crypt The Metal Forge Metal Invader The Metal Observer Metalrage MetalReview.com METAL REVIEWS Metal-Rules.com Metal Storm Teeth of the Divine Treehouse of Death SMNnews.com Ultimate Metal Doom Doom Metal Hardcore/ Metalcore Lambgoat Stereokiller.com Other: Deadtide.com Firegoat Metal Throne Metal Undergound.com PRP Scream Tartarean Desire Webzine Viking Blood Databases: The BNR Metal Pages Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives Magazines: BW&BK Decibel MetalBite Metal Hammer Pit Magazine Terrorizer Zero Tolerance Magazine

    Post-Punk/ Punk-Funk: The Crepuscule and Factory Pages LTM Red Sun Records Ze Records

    Post-Rock/ Shoegazer/Dreampop Sounds: Fakejazz.com Losing Today Post Rock Bands Post Rock Labels & Media Tonevendor

    Progressive Rock/Avant Prog: Aural Innovations The Axiom of Choice Clicks and Klangs Cuneiform Dutch Progressive Rock Page Ghostland The Giant Progweed Gibraltar Gnosis The Green Dolphin’s Poll Innerviews Prog Archives Progfreaks.com Prog4you Prog-Nose Prognosis ProgressiveWorld.net Progressor ProgRock.com ProgScape.com Rubberneck Sea of Tranquilty Links: Aural Innovations - Links Progressive and Avant Rock Rec.Music.Progressive - FAQ Online Shops/ Mail Order: ReR Ultima Thule Wayside Discussion: avant-progressive Progressive Ears The Progressive Music Society rec.music.progressive News: Ytsejam.com Radio: Progressive Music Shows Live Online Aural Moon Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio The Dividing Line Progradio.net Radio Shows: Gagliarchives Gnosis Radio Krautrock/ Kosmische Music Kosmische Club Krautrock @ phinnweb

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